Labour support



Labour doulas help moms and their families prepare for and experience the birth of a baby. Doulas cultivate an atmosphere of calm and reassurance by providing expert guidance and personal support.


Birthing is an intimate experience. We begin all our engagements by taking time to get to know you, establishing a bond of trust and comfort. We talk about how your pregnancy has been thus far and how you're feeling about it. We acquaint ourselves with your medical background. If you've had children, we'll talk about those past pregnancies and deliveries. When you have questions, call or email: you'll receive a reply within 24 hours at the most.

Pregnancy support

We provide insight into the emotional aspects of pregnancy and inform you about exercises or remedies to help relieve discomfort - making referrals to specialized services such as pregnancy massage should you wish. When possible and as needed, we are available to accompany you to medical appointments, as well.

Labour strategies

With an understanding of your hopes and wishes for the birth experience, we help you consider the various options available, reviewing all the stages of labour. Working with your partner or whomever you choose to be part of your birth team, we discuss the coping and communication skills you can draw on during birth to support each other.

Labour and delivery support

Once you go into labour, we become your dedicated personal birthing resource, providing continuous support. Available by telephone until you wish to be joined at the facility of your choosing, we answer your questions about pre-labour and actual labour and explain interventions that may be required. In the delivery room, we provide continuous physical and emotional support until the birth is done.

 We help your partner or other family members participate fully in the birth experience as you desire - and are happy to photograph your labour and birth if you wish.

Specialized antepartum support



While no one plans for a high-risk pregnancy, the reality is that sometimes things don't go as you imagined they would. In those cases, the routine approach to pregnancy and childbirth is often insufficient. Through our doula services, we help you form new expectations about your pregnancy and ensure that you don't feel isolated or alone as you cope with the challenges. This involves all of the above labour doula services as well as:


We work with the mom, her partner and family members to make sure everyone understands what is happening and why. Through home visits, telephone conversations and email exchanges, we share information with you and provide both physical and emotional support.


We review the various medical options available to you, as well as the range of prenatal testing and other procedures that may be relevant. If necessary and appropriate, we also facilitate communication between you and hospital staff.

postpartum support



During the first few weeks after birth, your doula supports you and your family through the changes that a new baby brings. Offering emotional support and factual guidance, we help you make a smooth transition to life with baby.


From breastfeeding support to comforting conversations with your partner and other children, we make sure everyone is coping with the new big change. We offer referrals to new moms' groups, breastfeeding clinics and other resources. We teach strategies for strengthening your bond with your baby. Always, we respect the role and input of your partner; ours job is only ever to offer help - the life and living belong to you and your family.

Household support

If you require it, we can perform light household duties and even prepare basic meals while you strive to establish a new routine at home.